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    A friend of mine, from Costa Rica introduced me glowsticking in general and this website!

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    Parkour, Glowstringing! Online games, Teather!<br />Picking cleric up at his hostel (mostly an obligation, but was worth it!)

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  1. happy birthday and may it be the best you ever had

  2. Hey man! Whats up XD

  3. feliiiiz cumpleeeee! (#7) (: se sta cansando? spero q no xq yo lo hago cn tdo el amor dl mundo y ud fijo cmo aay q mierda sil m dijo feliz cumple otra vz stoy harto ): <3

  4. Gracias :D esta ocasión merece un par de ultras ;) jajaja

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!! SHIZZY LOVES YOU! :D Sabes que fuiste like, la primera persona que conoci en Gsc xD Se te quiere de gratis :3 Y espero que la pases super en tu cumple!

  6. lol why aim if we got the comments on here? XD jk alright, i get on there, but I got no contacts from that time, did not know how to add people so...XD :s but yay! apparently tc is up and running again!

  7. i thought you got an aim address when you used it for the chat room that one time. go on it every once in a while! i'm on it quite a bit. i see lockshot on it every once in a while too.

  8. Omg yeah! I loved it, but I didn't like the end of the series, but...it's kind of a nice way to get the happy endding everyone was wishing for (yeah, not a fan of reset enddings) buuuut still daisuki =3

    I miss the chat too, it's like if since It's gone I have no contact with other ppl, I got no aim addreses XD

  9. that's so awesome! it's my favorite ^^

    i miss the chat!!!

  10. Yes! Both of them! awesome XD

  11. Yes! Both of them! awesome XD

  12. have you watched clannad?? :D

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