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  1. hit me up if you want to jam

  2. oh... I'm from SJ, but right now I'm living in Irvine =/

    I'll be back in SJ next week though.

  3. hi there! i didnt know there were any people from gsc at san jose :D

  4. ehrik

    Thanks Teal! Only telling the truth.

  5. Aqua

    hey Eric! I saw what you said on Lira's thread, and it made my heart melt a little :) thanks mentioning us here in little SLO

  6. yeah it was chill meeting up with you guys, how was the party that i didn't get to go to?

  7. Hey! It was cool meeting and hanging out with you at SLO this weekend. =D Wish you guys could have stayed for the party though.

  8. Yea I am, cept I'm down in Irvine for college right now.

  9. Thank You for the add, yeah that sounds cool so you really from San Jose?

  10. Hey there! Don't think I've met you yet, but hopefully I will. Have a fun time with GS.C :D

  11. Hello I'm new to all this so yeah...

    Hope you accept my friend request talk to you soon =)

  12. Happy B-day dude!

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