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  1. Would it be worth it to post an event page on GSC for Dreamstate this month? I think we'll have a pretty large GSC attendance
  2. Thanks for this thread, Zin. I don't follow Anjuna as much anymore, but they're still releasing some good stuff. Andrew Bayer is coming to Denver in a couple of weeks, looking forward to seeing him live for the first time. Lane8 played an after hours event here about a month ago too, which was amazing as expected.
  3. \o/ Amazing Ph0ton, Thank you for putting this together! It was an amazing year for me in Dallas, I won't ever forget the meetups, and good times.
  4. I'd like to help throw a Global Dance Festival meetup this year.
  5. Wow. Hello everyone. So glad to check in and see this. I'm in
  6. Whats up man, Hows it goin? You going to EDC Vegas this year?

  7. edc vid plox & ty

  8. Tonight is Ronski Speed @ The Church, This Saturday is GLO/ Sebastian Ingrosso @ Beta, and Feb 15th is Hard Love @ Sutra
  9. agree. It's easy to see why new people aren't taking charge - why do that when the site isn't even that active/ seemingly nobody cares?
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