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    My friend from my High School began teaching me how to glow string he told me about this site and I decided to register. Also I saw a lot of your Youtube videos.

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    Glowstringing, reading and watching anime and manga, daydreaming, and rocking out to music.
  1. I am going on a trip to japan for two weeks so will not be on

  2. Name: Kelsey I cosplay a lot so calling me L (from Death Note) will be fine (Fav cosplay!) Age: 16 Gender: Female Location: Florida Interests: Glowstringing, Gaming, Raving, Music related stuff, Daydreaming, Reading Manga, Watching Anime Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Soul Eater Series/Shounen Jump/Myself, Yourself Musical Interest: Everything that sounds cool Goal in the next 5 years: Uhm... Crime Scene Forensics. Getting on the gaming map. Goal in the next 20 years: Solving a major case. Becoming a World Class Gamer. What turns you on about the o
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