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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. Does ssbmu stand for Super Spring Break Meet Up?
  3. glad u liked ur first glowshop :)


    That is just my two cents. Can't wait to see you out here though!!!

  5. sorry, saw your comment late... I'm aiming for Nocturnal And Lovefest, make it a 1 week Cali thing. I just have to get my syllabi for my classes make sure it's np. If conflict, I might have to choose one for a weekend only. I'm told Lovefest is better.

  6. This is your favorite pupil from EDC lol. Main page says it's your birthday.. Happy Birthday!! I wish you the best:-)

  7. awesome! For what event are you coming for?

  8. Poke hit the spot LOL. Thanks! It's especially nice to hear from someone of GSC after hitting myself a few times tonight practicing glowstringing. I'm saving up to come to Cali in the fall....

  9. mystic

    Haha. We did keep running into each other. I mostly had an awesome time which is saying a lot. It was all meant to be a learning experience and it was. I look forward to the next one!

  10. zin

    No matter where I turned EDC weekend, I always ran into you. =P Hope you enjoyed it!

  11. Thanks Wushu! I had an amazing time and definitely picked up quite a few tips. Once I let go and became less afraid to screw up, it seemed to flow. I'll be practicing... we'll meet again East or West. Stay in touch :)

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