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  1. Hey Everybody, There is a small meet-up going on at 7pm today at fanime. It will be in front of the convention center near the grass stairs. Please checkout the link for further information and updates! https://www.facebook.com/events/1029620587120470/?ti=cl See you next post in like 10 years!!!!! -en814
  2. hey :D i've seen your handles and it was awesome ^-^ first person i saw done that. I'm kinda new and im just hoping to make friends :D

  3. En814

    My 6th sense tells me someone is stalking me

  4. I just finished watching Leif's April 2010 video and it was AWESOME. I was glad to meet him as well, THANKS!!

  5. En814

    Its the beast demo with his pikachu D:!!

  6. We did :). Glad you made it safe back as well

  7. Haha, yup! It was cool hanging out with you at EDC. Hope you guys had a fun drive back. =P

  8. Haha thanks man :)

  9. dude love your handles on the slo glo collabs!

  10. En814

    D:?!!! Maybe its fake :D

  11. Aqua

    Hey Ken <3

    You know, you have your birthday on here right?

  12. Just saying Hi to another Cali member, Enjoy the site and hope to see you at a meetup and on the boards.

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