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  1. YAY! Another Texas Member!

  2. Not bad at all actually!

  3. Thanks for the add! Keep in touch and dont be afraid to say hi :3

  4. That is not water.

    Black blood of the earth.

    You mean oil?

    I mean black blood of the earth!!

  5. one of my good friends made me some kandi that has the words: 160 BPM Stomp DJ Ronin Strangers Give The Best Candy ive also received ones that say Otaku NOMNOM Pride Zomg
  6. Oh dude Its my favorite movie. Its insane how much I love it :D

  7. dude, your avatar of the stormtrooper is freaking hilarious. That is awesome!

  8. Believe love rock on! stomper glwstckr peace hxrdcre glow i love to get hard lulz omgwtf piss cum dance xxx porn yur m a zing o hai hitler I put putting inspirational stuff on mine, as well as obscure ones too
  9. dude I freaking love your Calvin & Hobbes sig and ava. I own a few of the books and its amazing. rock on!

  10. But you have a bunny, which is freaking awesome :D

  11. sig is done. Hope you like

  12. Name: Jonathan (aka Ronin) Age: 17 Gender: Male Location: Tx. Interests: Dj-ing, trance,martial arts, gaphic design Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Snick anybody? Musical Interest: open to everything, but i love hardstyle trance & epic trance Goal in the next 5 years: land a club gig Goal in the next 20 years: pro DJ What turns you on about the opposite sex: Good humor If i had a million dollars I would: new gear,new music,car, college....etc I am good at: Whatever Interests Me School (if applicable): IHS Work (if applicable)
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