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  1. hey nova area?

    we should meet up for a rave sesh.

    help a newbie out

  2. yo whats up man?? some parties coming up and was wondering if you would be down for any of them??? later

  3. was out and about in philly yesterday, and got some practice in at an underground party
  4. tk, zoo was awesome...i really should have called in that bomb treat to my store so i could stay for sunday. after watching you stick all day its pretty much like ...gives me even more motivation to keep practicing
  5. was just looking at the member map and saw that your from va...i live near dc, hit me up sometime

  6. tk isnt the only one who can make tuts...any suggestions??
  7. you doing anything this weekend?? having ppl over, txt me or something

  8. yo - hit me up so we can trade info again. We have to plot for Summer Massive

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