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    Man it was a long time way back when... I dont remember :P

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    Baldwin Park, & Long Beach, CA
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    Glowsticking duh! Raving... cuz its hella fun! Roller coasters.<br /><br />And of course electronic dance music =D.
  1. hope you post a new video

  2. Haha, well.. I just havent had the time/ motivation to learn new things and practice. We will see though =P

  3. why dont you post any more glowsticking videos anymore? :[ sad face

  4. (i think it cut off)... your 2 year vid :P but hey i might get to see you at nocturnal i saw you on the maybe list on the roll call so i had to find you on the site lol

  5. hey i just wanted to say ive seen your vids on youtube and they have inspired me to learn glowstringing ive been going at it for 6 weeks now and ive learned quite fast as my friend says but yeah your flow and your style amazes me cause almost every other stringer strings super fast. which is cool and all but i would rather see the effects nice and smooth not fast and yeah. and im just refering to

  6. That was EPIC! Loved every single second of it! <3 <3 <3 The editing was awesome, track selection great, and the ending was soo cute xD. "I love you GSC" awwwwwwww *pat pat* for you Brian hahahaha. Shout outs........ will shout out later me tired haha
  7. Yay! I cant wait to see all those sexy sexy ultras. A big thank you for editing this .
  8. Its most likely a no. I have to move in all my things, move things around my apart. I need to save money anyways haha.

    But thanks for telling/ reminding me about these meetups haha. Im damn sure ill go to another one soon =P

  9. so you're moving to long beach? on the 30th, so is that going or a no go?

  10. Oh wow 4 people submitted only... well for now xD. Cmon lazy people! Grab your sticks and glowstick somewhere nice xD!
  11. theres a long beach meetup/ dinner on the 30th

  12. haha you too. I was just proud my memory didnt fail me.

  13. Dennis what up homie!?

  14. You know I wouldnt have gone if you didnt tell me too! So thank you Marvin =P

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