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  1. The bounce is back

  2. $·%/&$//&%/$%&/$%&/·%$"·$%!$·!$$&·$&·$&@3465

  3. hey i ment to do this like a month ago but then when i was about to do it my friend sidetracked me for like 5 seconds and i lost my train of thought and couldnt remember what i was doing til now. lol anyway i want to thank you for the help your the reason i can do the meltdown and 2 beat wall plane fountain and ur rilly good at tutorials. keep it up

  4. OMG there we are... 2:44 - top left corner (again) ...you were wearing the blue and black, right?

  5. 2:44 top left corner? maybe?

  6. PSH. this guy. Your editing was amazing. Can't wait for day 2. YOU ARE THE MAN =O

  7. Nitro, you are the MAN : ]

  8. HaHa, Thanks =D I made that ages ago, Hope it helped =D

  9. Your vid on the 2 BT BTB fountain is fantastic, just so ya know :D

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