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  1. Oh wow that took me by surprise haha when is it?

  2. RAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *cough* i mean, meow!

  3. jajaja cual opcion? yo lo quiero como anteeeesss

  4. no me gusta tanto >./emoticons/default_(.gif" alt=":(" srcset="/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> todo hi5 jaja

  5. wow. i read the comment and it has like 2 errors. ugh

  6. nooo. since i'm not allowed to call you pretty joe which i think it's a super cool nickname, i have nothing left but to call you a geek =] and geeks are cool! i don't it's offensive either hahaha

  7. jajajajaja si cuidadillo con ese mae :S jajaja acosador #1 quien era??? jaja nos vemos hoy <3

  8. lol cual creeper? jajajaja acosadores! jajaja se acuerdaaa

  9. jajaja el mae.... te amo PRECIOSA jaja

  10. entre hoy y ma;ana? q es q no quiere hablar conmigo? :( jaja

  11. jajaja sea tan vago =P todo bien? hey xq no te tengo en el msn?!

  12. NICE VID! i love your cat xD

  13. what? you lost it? I'm disappointed... don't expect me to be happy for you when you come here!

  14. Three, 2 cats and 1 dog. Why? XD

  15. TE AMO PYT FAQ JAVA JK SYC i didn't have a lot of letters so i had to improvise... =P
  16. hi! umm so until today i saw the comment you wrote me on december 15th xP thankkyouuu :3 and meow to you to!!! :D

  17. Chubby me loves you not :D btw I uploaded my kandi pics to the kandi section ^^ how was ur test btw?

  18. Okkk I was going to do the fun-looking questionnaire but i think i would reveal a lot of stuff o_O anyways, my name is Connie and i have no idea how to start learning glowsticking... it's really cool and i'd love to learn i love happycore music, techno, electronic, etc... and i've got friends who shuffle. i'm learning tectonic cuz i think it's pretty cool and i would love to make a weird but amazing combination of tectonic and glowsticking (is that even possible?!) anyways nice meeting you all and i hope u can help me, especially since it took me almost 10 minutes trying to figure out how t
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