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  1. my word >>>>>>>> your word :3

  2. no Rorok, I am 1st :3

  3. Dude, wanna join? http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/25295-reto-oficial-glowstickeroofficial-gsc-challenge-game/

    Still trying to get the CR community to be more active, so getting int. ppl inside might be hot XD

  4. oi mate, still wanna be in the Challenge Game? I'll add ya, just need your full name :3

  5. well, I have a myspace... but I haven't used it in like a decade or so XD And you know you wanna get on msn after all ;):P

  6. You should log on msn more often, just sayin' :P XD

  7. not much, I'm pretty sleepy atm =x

  8. yo, sorry about being afk man, take care, and it was nice talking to ya. Cheers


  10. I ain't go no live glowsticks man; I bought 3 new ties today, but I can't do it if I've got no glowsticks :/

  11. $·%/&$//&%/$%&/$%&/·%$"·$%!$·!$$&·$&·$&@3465

  12. poasting to due insane levels of boredom and procrastination. Cheers. and yes, poasting
  13. idk, pretty tired, but I don't wanna sleep... only 2 days of vacation left...

  14. Awesomesauce :3

  15. I'll make ximi and/or caro your personal escorts.

  16. hey, I'll pay for an all you can eat buffet if you come here with Cleric XD

  17. hola nuevamente!!! :D

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