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    youtube mostly, while I was watching some vids

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    sleeping, eating, reading, writing, dancing, video games, anime, sports, math, Japan, Germany, new places and cultures, music... idk XD, things like that

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  1. ya hice mi post jeje y me contesto adrillf :')

  2. happy birthday and may it be the best you ever had

  3. The Challenge Game! XD SOmething to motivate myself to do with my glowsticking! I'm in! Giovanni Hernandez

  4. my word >>>>>>>> your word :3

  5. no Rorok, I am 1st :3

  6. Dude, wanna join? http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/25295-reto-oficial-glowstickeroofficial-gsc-challenge-game/

    Still trying to get the CR community to be more active, so getting int. ppl inside might be hot XD

  7. oi mate, still wanna be in the Challenge Game? I'll add ya, just need your full name :3

  8. well, I have a myspace... but I haven't used it in like a decade or so XD And you know you wanna get on msn after all ;):P

  9. lol sorry i normally dont get on that eraly or that late sometimes it depends.. haha u shood get on that tiny chat more often just sayin ;p an u should make a myspace.. :)

  10. You should log on msn more often, just sayin' :P XD

  11. not much, I'm pretty sleepy atm =x

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