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  1. Hi all, I'm busy with finishing up my studies, coaching rowing crews and started doing MMA. Other than that, pretty much just busy living my life and not much else. It's been ages since I've been online, but I have been doing some stringing (with the duds from years ago) from time to time over the years. Cheers
  2. Oi, I'm feeling lonely all by myself in the chat Cheers
  3. Ah why not, I might as well join in if it is still open for submissions?
  4. Given the fact that I'm somewhat tired and therefor not in the mood of writing a very long reply, I'll keep it pretty simple. With a pen you are able to pretty much create every result which you can create with a sword, but not only that, you are capable of doing far more with a pen than with a sword. As for the action speaks louder than words part, I think this should be seen more in the light of judging people for what they do. People might say they do one thing but actually do another. Cheers
  5. Tico

    Guilty as charged ;)

  6. Aqua

    Wow Tico! You're signature! You have not signed onto GSC in a long time!

  7. Tico

    I sure as hell am still on this thing (again:P )

  8. Aqua

    TICO! You still on this thing? XP

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