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  1. happy birthday

  2. if your getting color brights...im assuming thats what u ment by brights i'd say green, blue, and yellow red gets extremely dim quickly and doesn't show up on a camera at all if u try to record, i haven't tried the hot pink or the purple so unfortunetly i have no information to help u with those too on brightness level Green by far, then blue, then yellow ( yellow gets 3rd because they didn't illuminate half as much as i thought they would) so all in all i say green and blue imo but get what u want and have fun experimenting Muzz
  3. Name: Michael AKA Muzz Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: Chicago South Suburbs Interests: music, cars, flying, snowboarding, drumming, and now glowsticking Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: ... Musical Interest: everything, but trance/dance/techno ect is my main thing Goal in the next 5 years: Commercial Pilot Goal in the next 20 years: above plus married and family What turns you on about the opposite sex: what doesnt, i mean every woman is beautiful If i had a million dollars I would: pay for the rest of my college education and split it amons
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