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  1. LoveFest 11' Afterparty (Which as known as Lovevolution now) was wicked since the Ultra Circle made it through.It wasn't too crowded making stringing comfortable,the vibe was awesome and the air conditioner at the event was nice (I'd like to see another Ultra Circle happen in the bay area again this year) Shit was rockin' Got a string session going with R3dlin3 yesterday.I haven't seen the dude for awhile and he still has his moves down lol
  2. Day 4 xD Fiction: The grass is blue and the sky is green.
  3. Seeing this thread is so awesome! =) 10+ years rule,thats all there is to say.Hard work of stringing those years will all be worth it enough its part of life and it can't be stopped. *Motivation is getting to me like how it was back then* (Thanks for making this thread Photon!)
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