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  1. download for PC, call my cell, after 7pm
  2. Meh, Borderlands is way better, if you want modern warfare I am sure the www.us.army.mil can oblige
  3. I can't make it and I am sad...
  4. There IS a Candy Mountain! Shun the Non-Believers! SHHHUUUUNNNN!

  5. Hiya! Sorry that I never wrote you back. I like never check my profile LOL. Things are going good I suppose. Colin and I moved back to FL a couple weeks ago (well I did, Colin is still in Vegas until next week). I fly up there and then I'm gonna drive down with him.

  6. Aden

    I realized I never comment on anyone's profile. Now you are a part of my rampage!

  7. This game looks pretty badass. I am considering a purchase
  8. Neon

    Yo! what up Aden!

  9. Hey Rachel how is it going?

  10. You Win! love you!

  11. Hello my love <3

  12. Guy, it's good to know that an injured leg could not keep you from being part of an amazing weekend. I hope that you and Anna have an amazing anniversary coming up and that I looking forward to seeing you again when you are 100 percent! BTW, I'm just now reading you're a fellow martial artist as well??? What styles?

  13. CHEWY

    thats the video

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