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  1. Oiy. Welcome to the site.

  2. Sale my friend. De me un tiempo y location en Tijuana para Domingo. Que bueno por que tambien tengo un BBQ hacer el Sabado, entoces todo va en nuestro favor for some basketball. SO where are we meeting? Es facil for you to find me en la linea por donde estan los tacos y banos o en otra location?

  3. Sale my friend. Te tengo que show you how to play like Kobe Bryant then. Let me know for sure.

  4. Los dias mas bueno para mi son viernes en la noche, sabado todo el dia o domino pero prefiero el Sabado. How about this Saturday about 3 pm?

  5. Got my passport. Actually I got 2. Hmmm. Hows the stringing?

  6. This is classic. I cant believe you did it.

  7. Cant wait to see your 1 year vid. I enjoyed the 9 month one a ton.

  8. Must be that rose you were gonna give to that one special girl. We wont mention any names. *cough* She needs to be skoo'd.!

  9. Man, its cold here. I need me some hot tijuana girls!

  10. I see you're still doing flowers. ;)

  11. D86

    password resent, check your text messages.

  12. Got a passport appointment set for nov. 27. 1,600pesos. Then it takes I guess 3 to 5 weeks. Simon que si.

  13. Yes, you must make a video! And I will bring you some ultras when I head down.

  14. How is the English coming along? :0)

  15. Pienso que hora si ya te agre ge. Puse co m pero ahora puse com. Pienso que va servir.

  16. Mijo, tienes msn o no mas puro stickam?

  17. I see you posted about moonlight beach meetup number. You know I'm gonna take care of you. Soon buddy.

  18. Hello. This is Danny. I met you the other night in Encinitas. Welcome to the boards.

  19. Welcome to the boards. I'm Danny up in Vista. Need anything, let me know.

  20. Master skoo, get back to studying!

  21. D86

    Even superman has a weakness.

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