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    I just saw it all over the place. :)

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  1. Whats up Destro, haven't heard from u in a while. Hit me up

  2. dude i need some ultras....

  3. NIce I didnt know you could play music

  4. whats up man glad you made a account! :D

  5. Thanks Destro, after 2 months of cut and bruised knuckles I got the orbital down. Your video help me out the most...you da man!!!

  6. What up JB nice to see a new Handler abord this awsome journey. I live in Aurora as well and if you want to chill and spin some time just let me know PM me and i will give you my number and we can chill.

  7. i will probubly be free thoughs weekends
  8. I wuld be down for that again that was fun and the park near me would be cool or the house angain for some of moms cheese Burgers lol dont matter though or another place i just say we have another meet up before school starts again in Agust like the 24 is when my school starts i think not sure but just some time by then.
  9. haha yeah hey when we have the meet up you need to help me with my PRBF

  10. Lol, yes we all need help! Theres no way it can come any faster and it is indeed torture!!!

  11. I need your help IM GOING TO CRAZY I CANT WAIT FOR EDC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  12. whats up sticks cant wait for EDC give me a call so we can start planning the meet up before we go.

  13. hello destro"

    this week are my video Stringer to watch what I'm at GSC about 7 or 8 months i thank you for the welcome

  14. Hey Spazz :P just want to say hey and see what you were up to

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