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  1. hey jerrod are you still active? lol I got an email from you guys the other day, asking if i was gonna order a large amount of ultras soon (the email even mentioned how I annually order large amounts from yall) and i thought it was one of the coolest things that a business has ever done (shows yall really care) Me and a handful of other members would be interested in pitching a few LED designs to yall if you think you guys could make 'em (that would be the coolest shit ever!!)
  2. Come back dave! :(

  3. yo yo yo how do i work this magic?

  4. <44 miss jooz ^>^

  5. Too bad you're not in texas currently man, I would love to meet up with you sometime!

  6. whats up man? been a long time

    i was just trying to download some of your mixes because i remembered they were pretty badas.. but when i click on them it says they're not found? are they not on there anymore? :(

  7. haha hey sparrow i got your message im going to try to have a new handles video up haha :3 shh no one really knows

  8. hey i saw some of your vids on youtube, truely a nice job. im new to GSC

  9. D86

    Coming to cali this summer?

  10. hey man Happy B-Day and Merry Christmas(if ya celebrate it)=P if not then Happy Holidays!

  11. sadly i don't have any ultras left =( if i microwave my sticks and then sprint out to the location and crack during a sunset is that acceptable? haha im totally down for this, much love for the scenic shots =D
  12. woah... new avi and sig are teh pwnt

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