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  1. yeah we're gonna do the loan thing later >< lol like monday...

  2. Happy Feet = win! That's really cool about your dorm. I need to go take out the loans for first semester, so I'm kinda sad. Lol @ Prom. IT'S TOMORROW!!! Cool huh? Claire and I are going. Ouch about the Vicoden, that is weird. Does oxycodon work?

  3. maybe but i thought it was kinda funny that my prom is where im going to college next year =] im excited! i got a dorm for sure. i get to pick a room mate/room the 2 weeks b4 edc... oh and im watching happy feet right now =] yay! PENGUINS!! ohhh and did i tell u, vicodin didnt work for my wisdom teeth so i might get something stronger for my tonsils! im gonna be feeling goooood

  4. I'm glad I could make you laugh. I hope your Tonsils come out alright, and I think them might have to postpone it. Nice staying on the Queen Mary. I've never been near it. THere is the hotel attatched to the Aquarium, you could be having it there.

  5. IM SO CONFUSED!!! ><

  6. haha oink flu makes me laugh

    and no i just have a fever and a sore throat. =P but idk if its gonna mess with getting my tonsils out on the 7th...

    and prom is in long beach somewhere.. i thought the aquarium but ig uess not... somewhere near there.. we're staying on the queen marry (family and i) they are chapperones...

  7. WHAT!?!?!?!?!??! NOOO Don't get sick... Sick=bad. : POINTS: YOU HAZ THE OINK FLOO!!! :Runs:

    In all seriousness. I hope you feel better soon. Where is your prom?

  8. i so sad =( im sick and prom is saturday

  9. Money is good. Well, I just wanted to say I miss you and hope we can hang out soon. MISS YOU! Have fun with the Show, BTW.

  10. not much ive been busy with the fashion show and now college. my ex best friend asked me to make a dress for her so i said that i would if she paid me.

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