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  1. Okay this is super late but thanks for your post on my profile wall. You guys are awesome too, my friends thought you guys were pretty cool as well. I just wished they allowed glowsticks so we could have cracked!

  2. yargh i cant figure out how to friend you on here >.<

  3. awesome guy right here and he has some really cool friends too, hey wade thanks for chillin with john and i man, it was a blast i wont soon forget. Stay safe and i'll talk to you later

  4. Possibly, I'm not sure if I could get it in on time though. My friend would have to film me and he's like 3 hours away.

  5. Robbie Rivera, ATB, and Ferry Corsten this Saturday!!!!

  6. hey man,

    would you be interested in submitting some footage for the GSC Haunted Collab 3? http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/27170-haunted-gsc-collab-3/page__pid__377730#entry377730


  7. not bad man, yourself? you have some sick stringing skills dude.

  8. hey man, how goes it?

  9. going to Tom Petty tomorrow should be a wild time

  10. whats going on dude!

  11. sitting in my basement about to fall asleep.

  12. Na dude, you are Beyond Awsome..

    your Sauceome =)

  13. KEEP STRINGING!!! So I have someone to meet up with this summer!

  14. FreakDeke, you are AWESOME!

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