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  1. Yo duuuuuuuuuude "Wooo. Yeah! woooooo!" haha

  2. Just followed the link to your fan page - hot stuff : )

  3. Guess who's an idiot?.....meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I cracked open a yellow tonight and compared to a yellow high intensity i get here in the uk. The one from extreme glow was brighter and lasted longer. I am so sorry. It must be because I was in my flat and I didn't seem as bright. Plus I haven't cracked glow sticks in over a month because I've injured my lower back a litte. Sowwwwwwwwyyyyyyyy
  4. I've opened up the box and there are 2 black bags. Both bags say 6" GL ultras (5 min). On the back of the bags is says OmniGLOW. I've tried all the colours and they are exactly what I asked for. Recently I got some high intensity ones from a uk supplier, and they were twice as bright at these. They only came in yellow and orange, though, and still didn't look as good as what I see on most youtube videos.
  5. I just bought a pack of 60 assorted GL ultras and they are total pants. No brigther, possibly dimmer than the 12 hour ones I normally get. I paid $50 dollars shipping to get them to the uk, waited 3 weeks, and now I'm totally gutted. Can anyone tell me what the absolute best sticks are. p.s I am not criticising extreme glow - they just sell the products. Their service was great.
  6. Good luck making your vid man : )

  7. Traiiiiiitor haha : )

  8. Just uploaded my journal entry for March to Youtube. Slow progress, but getting there...and enjoying it Here's my page if anyone is interested http://www.youtube.com/user/nickaboy9999?feature=mhum
  9. Just had one of those nights where I had some of my favourite songs on and I have been dancing around like a looney. There is no buzz like freehanding.
  10. Saturday night and I've cracked open a pair of orange glow sticks for the first time in ages. Feeling sporty and well up for some practice. Yehhhhhhhhhhhh.
  11. Damnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Must have listened to this song about 50 times today. An awesome electro fidget house tune. It started off at work where I was listening to this mix and it made me want to dance. But then I had to come home and make tea, clean up and do some studies. And then I was finally free.. So I put on that song, picked up my sticks and raaaaaaaaaaaaaved. Oh my god - it felt awesome. I'm still buzzing now. Sorry folks. Just getting a bit excited. As you were lol.
  12. anytime sir, its was a pleasure. Been quite a while since i've reviewed a video in fact : D so im just getting back intot the swing of things, i wish i had a video of my own to show you but alas i have 0 solo vids. maybe this shall change in the future tho :P im long overdue for one by several years. cant wait to see more from you!

  13. Thanks for the comments. Appreciate the time you took. Hope you give honest opinions on future vids too.


  14. How did your week go then sticks lol? And I don't want to hear some poor excuse like you keep getting harassed by women in clubs :biggrin2:
  15. I'm not worried - just nervous. But not as much as I'm excited :P

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