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  1. Cause all the people on their are a negative influence, its all a bunch of people my age wasting their life to drugss and sex and parties and it tempts me to do that shit even tho I know ill throw my life away if i do. I have so many opportunities right meow
  2. Name: Brenden Collins AKA Jin Smylez Age: 19 Gender: male Location: Kent, WA (like 20-30 minutes south of Seattle) Interests: Music, Stancenation (yea its fuckin gay but whatever), art, photography, instagram for some reason... spirituality, physics, psychology, astronomy, astrology Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: DMT: The Spirit Molecule Musical Interest: dubstep psytrance/goa trance drum and bass deep house anything downtempo and anything dirty with bass. this is my new fave song right now. Goal in the next 5 years: have a nice place to live maybe a little cond
  3. Right nowwwwww son! Gotta get back into this glowstickin thing
  4. Duuuuuude I never check my profile comments lol.

    Meetup yes, Inly active people? yes. >.>

  5. ryan you restart, its a new year. kthnxbai
  6. lol at your member title.

    You dont make gsc look bad...

    Just dick prick-ish

    LOL :P:P:P:P

  7. *jedi master enters room Looks like demo isn't keeping total control of the sandbawks anymore lul u PHAIL!!!
  8. wtf? lol since when does anyone actually use that name?
  9. banned for sperm contributing-jerkoff
  10. banned for letting others win and cause im the last to post
  11. Ur banned for trying to be in teh sandbawks every day
  12. I'm poking something else in here.... no homo? no... VERY homo :P

  13. Whatsup sun!!! (lol get it??? solar flare??? LOLLOLOLOLOLOL)

  14. The noob who doesnt know necroin is badddd
  15. I was one of the first in this thread so... whatever broski im so not new.
  16. Dude, what is up. like seriously. whats up

  17. Omg I totally forgot about comments again! hahaha. If you really want talk to me you should pm me ;P

    But i've been stringing for around a year maybe a little more now, and freehanding for like, idk a couple months? and from washington state w00t! :P go west coasttt

  18. Hello fellow gsc memeber :P Totally never looked at my comments before today :P

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