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  1. Cause all the people on their are a negative influence, its all a bunch of people my age wasting their life to drugss and sex and parties and it tempts me to do that shit even tho I know ill throw my life away if i do. I have so many opportunities right meow
  2. Name: Brenden Collins AKA Jin Smylez Age: 19 Gender: male Location: Kent, WA (like 20-30 minutes south of Seattle) Interests: Music, Stancenation (yea its fuckin gay but whatever), art, photography, instagram for some reason... spirituality, physics, psychology, astronomy, astrology Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: DMT: The Spirit Molecule Musical Interest: dubstep psytrance/goa trance drum and bass deep house anything downtempo and anything dirty with bass. this is my new fave song right now. Goal in the next 5 years: have a nice place to live maybe a little cond
  3. Hey man just wanted to say thanks for the finger iso through thread idea. Very sick looking and very helpful man. +1000 points!

  4. Duuuuuude I never check my profile comments lol.

    Meetup yes, Inly active people? yes. >.>

  5. We need to get a meet up planned sometime soon. I really feel that its just us that are the only active people in WA. =/

  6. Your slacking@!!@Q!@ Not really but are you going to Pirates4? There isnt an event thing posted.

  7. ryan you restart, its a new year. kthnxbai
  8. lol at your member title.

    You dont make gsc look bad...

    Just dick prick-ish

    LOL :P:P:P:P

  9. *jedi master enters room Looks like demo isn't keeping total control of the sandbawks anymore lul u PHAIL!!!
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