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  1. I am extremely happy to see that GSC is still alive. 

    1. cynicdave


      Always been alive 

  2. hey merlin adub hit me back on you tube thanks for the info or i never would have been abel to chat with him thanks agin

  3. yo merlin i was able to add your aim, i got my freehand collab and aqua collab footage i gotta send over

  4. merlin! i've posted a video! i wanna ty for ur video on iso. i still have MUCH work to do. need more practice! just wanted to stop by to let u know u inspired me.

  5. lol thnx yea im a content developer now so you will see more vids in the near future :P

  6. Congrats on Staff man!

  7. thanks bro it was awesome to finally meet you, to bad i dint get to chill with you more edc was soo crazy, i will man and hope i can make it to Vegas someday and we can chill and session.

  8. Yo man great job in the circle. It was hella sick meeting you. Your finger iso's are getting really clean man. your freehanding is quite good man all i can say is keep up the dance ha ha.

  9. The OG Iso Master Himself!!! lol

    what up man u able to come down for edc?

  10. where r u?? ur missing Rai!!!

  11. lol i just saw that you were the most recent to view my profile and i was bored.

  12. so lost.

    And then finger iso's fusrate me

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