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  1. Real Name: Luis Perez Location: Coral Springs, FL Region: Miami AIM: GiRheartsLuis Skype: GiRheartsLuis Style: Free Hand GSC Status: Member, Active-ish
  2. i think of you every night and day

  3. Yes, I posted a topic in the regional forum in Southern USA, that sorta talks about it.

    It's called "Renovating a place in SoFlo.."

    Check it out :)

  4. oooh meet up ?

    that would be cool!

  5. I just wanted to talk about a future meet-up place :P

  6. no, i normally dont but, i guess i'll go on today, and say on till late night

  7. Hey, do you use your aim often? I have something to talk to you about :)

  8. good to know there are members that live near by,

    so i was told to add you

    hope to be able to meet up one day

    at a rave or something lol

  9. damn, sounds cool

    sounds like something i should think about


  10. Yea, you should add Nocturne, I hang out with him all the time.

    I'm very new to glowstringing, but I do a lot of photography with trails.

    So, if you ever want to do a shoot, just let me know, and we can make plans :3

  11. i was really glad to see

    there were members that live near by

  12. Hey, thanks for the add :)

  13. in a relationship! soo happy!

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