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  1. aha i only know patrick coaty for psci, easy A right there hope you do good in your classes my classes are beating me up at long beach ugh physics >< and iono bout this calc 2 class...

  2. jarvis, coaty, maher, krucli, and some other dude thats new and idk his name... his class is in the forum and extremely boring

  3. oooooooooo what teachers just curious, maybe i took em before

  4. The boring classes... ]= gen ed stuff. history, psci, speech, eng, psych

  5. woah everything is different ><

  6. oh wow hey , the sites changed quite a bit...yea i haven't been on much lately since im now going to cal state long beach and i got no moneys :( but once i scrap up some cash ill come and say hi to you lols maybe, so hows occ? what classes are you taking?

  7. hey! I don't know if you're still active here but I did end up transferring to OCC lol. Just dropping by to say hi

  8. so where you from exactly in westminster?

  9. eww lol. calculus x=

  10. occ is great theres lots of classes you can choose from...just that you need to remember to register early or else classes would be filled up quick..almost all the summer classes are filled calc 1 over the summer yays..

  11. how's occ? I've been thinking about transferring there lol. Its closer.

  12. cool cool only goin on saturday though and i go to occ ><

  13. and of course I'm going to edc, you're crazy! lol

  14. I go to cypress college lol

  15. lol well maybees we can see each other at edc if your going that is, what skool do you go to if you dont mind

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