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  1. merlin! i've posted a video! i wanna ty for ur video on iso. i still have MUCH work to do. need more practice! just wanted to stop by to let u know u inspired me.

  2. Swei

    hey aden! just to let you know i posted a new video. and i just wanted to let u know u inspired me to learn to summon my sticks! =)

  3. MJR13

    yes that was me, haha. That was an awesome night

  4. Swei

    mjr! you were the one who gave me the glasses @ love right =)

  5. Good times my friend..see you the 11th

  6. haha you know tsui?? dude she's like my little sister. ive known her for yeaarrrs. if you have any questions about the site or anything dont hesitate to ask man. my aim's on my profile

  7. hey. thanks for the warm welcome. and i'll try not to be a stranger but i would like to get used to GS.c first. everything is all new for me... and speaking of a small world... of one your fan Tsui Yeung I know from from school. funny =)

  8. Welcome to GSC! i read you were from queens! im from the bronx, dont be a stranger in the east coast section

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