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  1. Zenith! Nice man! How ya been? Still in Florida?
  2. We should plan a day to get all of us in there again.
  3. When i first started I only wanted to do handles. It's a real interested concept. I forgot the guys name, but I learned a lot from his videos. Adrilff, I think it was.
  4. Tampa area More towards clearwater
  5. Maybe late late in the future. It's hard for me to get time off, or even time to go out anymore.
  6. Sounds good man. If weather permits, lets go spin somewhere? I'll ask a friend if they still spin poi out in clearwater
  7. Lol, its still the same as usual! Shoot me a text, its a lot easier. Just let me know who you are beforehand lol! I work quite a bit during the week, so its hard for me to get my phone.
  8. ^BROOOOOOO, I havent strung in awhile. I actually picked up my sockpoi last night, and plan to again in a few minutes to spin. I would love to hang out just to chill, and catch up, and spin for a bit. I am free only weekends. Do you still have my number? Facebook is another good way to get ahold of me. I hope to hear from you soon
  9. Footage filmed. Uploading raw footage and sending your way. It sucks, but its footage.
  10. I really need to remember to film saturday. I will do my best.
  11. Ive been mad busy with work. If someone reminds me this weekend or if i remember. I will film
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