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  1. Azzie

    Happy Birthday Paul!

  2. PAUL!! What's up dude? It's been a long time but today my friend is your Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!! Dude we need to cook some mushrooms again like we did with patrick. Some Paulshrooms.

  3. JunO

    good seeing you at edc, evendoh it was for like 3 secs

  4. JunO

    dude! iv seen this pic u had on for a long time and all i wanna say .. omg!!! what a great picture!! sitting there with the background

  5. <3 muffin

    You need to call me more!!

  6. Paul!! Hope you had a great holiday and that the new job isn't keeping you TOO busy! ;)

  7. Paaaaaaaaaul! How did the girlfriend do on her finals?! You must tell me! I know she did absolutely fantastic but I like to hear it anyways, hahaha! Anyways, you two take it easy! Do call me soon, yes?

  8. it was goood... i was just got really messed up. my brother bought me two bottles at a bar and got me super hammered lol...

  9. Alas.. I too am hectic.. just a lot of shit going on all at once, you know? It's too much to take in right now but thanksgiving break is coming up so I'll get a few days off. I never thought I'd be so thankful for a guy landing in the wrong spot and meeting a bunch of tan men in loin cloths.. -.-''

    How was your birthday?

  10. ahah asorry... things have just been hectic is all :).... how are u?

  11. Paul it's been forever! How about calling once in a while?! lol, hey how have you been?

  12. thanks for the happy bday.. i see your bday was recent too... wellll happy belated :)...

  13. Woah, it's like your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    ps jake gylenhaal OWNS whoever you picked that one time I can't remember.

  14. Paul you need more love muffins in your life <3 and a trip to Hawaii, hahaha

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