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    Stringing, Poi, Devil Sticks, Juggling, Contact juggling, and any other side hobbies I can get my hands on. Along with Cars, SnowBoarding, SKiing, hiking, Photography.... Pretty much anything that gets me out of the house. Oh and of course... Raves Raves Raves!
  1. thanks for the video!

    helps out :D

  2. Garden and 2nd st SE side of windsor

  3. Nice...I didn't know that. Where at in Windsor??

  4. He buddy, I had no idea you lived in CO let alone my back yard. I actually live in windsor and work in greeley. We should meetup sometime and spin.

  5. I'm back! Hey guys, how have things been? Anyways, I finally got a new laptop so communication on GS.C has definitely been a bit easier over this last week. With god news comes bad news though, I will be moving back to MN towards the end of April, and I figured because this site is pretty much the reason I have all these friends out in CO that I wanna have a goodbye party/meetup. I have a set schedule now at work mon-fri till midnight so saturdays and sundays are totally free for me. What do you guys think? Oh and also, because I got the new laptop I can finally use my Hi-Def Camera and I coul
  6. I haven't been on here for ever, finally got my laptop up and running thanks to my roommates. Plus I got a sweet new HD camera so I WILL be posting videos for a change. Sorry to those I have fallen out of touch with due to lack of the net. :D good to be back

  7. Are you coming to the meetup this thursday in Denver?

  8. whats up bro havent talked to you for a long time how have you been?

  9. green (nobody should have trouble associating with that color)
  10. Anyone who's into light shows should check out my thread with my pocket plasmas. http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/Arghhh-...LLY-t17399.html I just started conjuring about a month ago, but if you want "new concepts" that's definitely one for you. What's even better is that I can remove the pocket plasmas from the respirator and put those in peoples faces. But I'm currently working on a design for a pocket plasma to be on my chest (yes, like iron man ) to add more to the conjuring effect. Then next on my purchase list is D-Lite's
  11. I enjoy conjuring myslef... I don't like the idea of having 20 lights in my gloves. in my opinion it's a little much. One thing that's really cool that I found out is that the glow in the dark gloves react really really well to the blue LED's so you can literally draw stuff on your hands when you're giving a light show. it's one of my favorites and people are always confused by that. Can't wait to see what you can do after a couple weeks man.
  12. Wow, another juggler! Thought I was the only one.

    What's your favorite prop and how many?

  13. When you spend more on Shoelaces and glowsticks than it actually cost to get into the rave... which is everytime for me. 0.o When you go into a shoe store and spend a half hour just looking at the different types of shoelaces. When you can look down at someone's shoes and tell them exactly how much it would cost to replace their laces and what brand they need to look for. When you try to free hand you accidentally send your glowsticks flying across the dance floor into someones face because you forgot they aren't attached to your hand When you become the person everyone go
  14. When... you spend twenty minutes trying to explain to someone what stringing is and finally get frustrated till you just hit them with your strings and exclaim,"that's what glowstringing is, that's what it's all about!"
  15. I'm gonna add on to alff's and say "when it looks like you've been a victim of spousal abuse"
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