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    glowstringing and listening to music and hangin out with others who like the same thing!
  1. Hey homie I just got back in the scene but none of my friends get down anymore I was wonder if ur in the tc if you'd want to get down on a sess sometime

  2. Sup buddy? I just logged on after a long while and noticed we were friends. How's everything for you? Do you plan to go to Sander Van Doorn on the 14th of this month?

  3. hello and welcome if u have any questions just feel free to ask

  4. xLuke

    I checked out your videos; really quite incredible. Keep livin' life the way you do man!

  5. altho i suppos eyour status isnt a newbie but hey if u wanted help hit me

  6. hey check out the topic adopt a newbie i had u in mind its in the recent topics

  7. dasmn dude i didnt know u joined us!definitely a good moove.i would suggest exploring the rules and guidelines and everything else.plus im in tinhat quite a bit

  8. Marz

    hello and welcome to an amzing community if i can help with anything please ask.(not trying to sound like someone working in a store)

  9. wat is good yo?been practicing anything?

  10. i know i probably dont qualify for the 25+ age range im 20 and have been raving and glowsticking since i was fourteen and i havnt even thought of quitting none of it gets old for me ive got an addictive personality some ppl have told me idk keep doin it if u want if u leave thats on u but ive seen a fifty something year old woman doing the three beat weave with green 12 hrs and it was the coolest thing ive seen at a rave.cuz i really dislike ignorant disrespectful old geezers
  11. hangin out chillen

    1. ase X

      ase X

      Marz you bastard! Your profile pic is a picture I took myself!! It used to be on the insphyre.com store!! You missed out on Marvin being here. Hit me up sometime, facebook.com/aseanthony we should chill and string!!

  12. hangin out chillen

    1. Marz


      got some glow and im stringing


    2. Marz


      got some glow and im stringing


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