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    UTL BTB Tornado:)
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    Arlington, Tx
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    stringing of course. like to dance too...(Finally learned how to moonwalk) lol.
    I Like DUBSTEP!!!! Rusko Cragga Radikal guru. just to list a few.
  1. you're from Texas? why do you never post in the Texas regional section!

  2. its cool man sorry for missin you on aim lol just miss seein all the crazy shit that you do cuz we started glowstringing at nearly the same time, u started like a month earlier than me so its cool to see the stuff that i could be doing ( i thikn u know what i mean) in short miss you man

  3. ive been really busy with work man. and im moving back to arlington in like two weeks lol

  4. UTL BTB tornado??? id like to see that lolz

  5. Name:Hunter AKA Whiteman Age:18 Gender:Male Location:arlington TX Interests:poi, cars, and chicks lol Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:Clockwork Orange, car and driver, ncis Musical Interest: Trance, happy hardcore, hardcore, DnB, Basshunter, Tiesto, Goal in the next 5 years:Make lots of Money Goal in the next 20 years:Make even MORE money. LOL What turns you on about the opposite sex:I dont know. Why is the sky blue. If i had a million dollars I would:Make some expensive poi I am good at: working on cars. Talking to people School (if a
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