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  1. :3 It was cool hanging around (and meeting) with you too. Love-Evo is so far away and Cody and I are already like OMGWTFBBQSAUCE.

    Better be there :P

  2. magi-karp-karp-karp.

  3. you sir have much more kandi then I.

    I am jealous.

  4. you're lucky Moroga is really pretty. nothing to do...but pretty. Walnut Creek is just a tourist shopping mall eye-sore. That's cool though xD

  5. your avatar is adorable...I want to eat it...

  6. I saw you in the GSU 3 comp and I was like look it's Alf! and then I saw your space heater and I just started laughing maniacally.

  7. Cabal Cabal Cabal Nerd Nerd Nerding Pwn Pwn Pwning I've already pulled an all-nighter with this game D: Korean-WoW GO. P.S. I invaded your region.
  8. That's an interesting bunny story :3

    I had 3...

    then I was down to 1 and that one ran away about a week ago :[

    I'm having a bunny famine.

  9. I have your raver pants, so you must come see me so you can raverrrrrr dance!

  10. I see how this is


  11. Nahhh...Why would I have your jacket? ;P

    I'll bring it to you at Fab :D

    It was really cool meeting you

  12. OVVEEERR 9000!

    I couldn't help it.

  13. Name: Natalee Age: 18 Gender: Female Location: Walnut Creek, CA Interests: Napping, Electronics, Fuzzy Things, Cars, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Adventures, Glowsticks Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Anything by Chuck Palahniuk, Invader Zim, most Anime, most everything on Adult Swim...blah blah. Scrubs, The Office. Blah Blah...Don't watch TV much. Musical Interest: A little bit of everything, Mostly Trance, Alternative, Rock...a bit of Metal. Goal in the next 5 years: College and Schoolstuffs, To get insanely good at Glowsticking ;P Goal in the next 20 y
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