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  1. :3 It was cool hanging around (and meeting) with you too. Love-Evo is so far away and Cody and I are already like OMGWTFBBQSAUCE.

    Better be there :P

  2. It was cool kicking it with you and cody at edc you guys are way chill to be around. Hope to hang out with you guys again at love evolution.

  3. magi-karp-karp-karp.

  4. But you have a bunny, which is freaking awesome :D

  5. you sir have much more kandi then I.

    I am jealous.

  6. you're lucky Moroga is really pretty. nothing to do...but pretty. Walnut Creek is just a tourist shopping mall eye-sore. That's cool though xD

  7. haha, thanks

    and you're from my hometown!! i lived in moraga but went to walnut creek often...

  8. your avatar is adorable...I want to eat it...

  9. I saw you in the GSU 3 comp and I was like look it's Alf! and then I saw your space heater and I just started laughing maniacally.

  10. Cabal Cabal Cabal Nerd Nerd Nerding Pwn Pwn Pwning I've already pulled an all-nighter with this game D: Korean-WoW GO. P.S. I invaded your region.
  11. That's an interesting bunny story :3

    I had 3...

    then I was down to 1 and that one ran away about a week ago :[

    I'm having a bunny famine.

  12. bunny.... i know someone who had a bunny. it's name was bunny. thought i'd share that, cause your profile pic reminded me of it.... have a great day! :)

  13. I have your raver pants, so you must come see me so you can raverrrrrr dance!

  14. I see how this is


  15. hey! who said u could wear my jacket! only privileged and special girls can wear my jackets!

    ok thats it! you owe me another OJ, so thats 2 times and a taco bell!

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