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  1. Hey man. I just joined GS.C and saw you're living in the quad cities too. Let me know if you're up for practicing sometime.

    scottdmoseley@gmail.com or just use my facebook.

  2. Tain

    tain.premo@gmail.com :) thanks a lot and again good work on the collab

  3. Aqua

    Hey! I can give you the song from the girls collab... just give me your email address

  4. wow, nice catch, gotta fix that one :P

  5. You don't gots 3 blue boxes right there anymore :D

  6. Name: Tain Age:15 Gender:male Location:davenport, IA Interests:techno, computers, penspinning, gaming Musical Interest: techno, rock, metal What turns you on about the opposite sex: errm everything? (what i LIKE about the opposite sex: face, kindness, the ability to make me do thinks i would never dream of in a heartbeat) If i had a million dollars I would:buy a warehouse I am good at:penspinning School (if applicable):freshman I am on glowsticking.com because:looked cool, wanted to learn My website/picutures are located: http://profile.
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