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  1. basics: don't show the art to random people who won't respect the culture. advanced: too much to go into. basic rule of thumb: if you have ANY doubts of whether or not to crack your sticks, don't, until you no longer doubt.
  2. double post for a good reason. so, i'm not sure if my point was just proven or debunked. let me finish working it out. That field that I was talking about. when i go outside there I usually go about this time (2:00 AM), but i usually go when im stressed on weekdays, not the weekend. and have never had any issues before besides maybe someone yelling hi or something like that. but of course, there's always a group of drunk girls to go and ruin it. well, i was out there for about 5 minutes when i heard over my headphone music some girls and here come 4 girls running towards me. could smel
  3. (I think i caught all of the times i said it, but if I ever said "you" its referring to the article ) I guess I sort of agree with that article and sort of don't. It tells many truths, specifically that you don't want to be doing it where you'll be a nuisance or anything (making others move around you). After posting this thread, I've found what I believe to be "okay" in regards to being around campus and stringing. For instance, i string on my floor all the time; in my room, the hall ways, the study lounge, my friend's rooms. But they all know me and know what it is. In addition, if
  4. mmk, cool. i just wanted to see what people think about this. ive kinda been relaxing about it, mainly around the dorm and such, and its all been cool and stuff. still dont feel comfortable out in the middle of a field with people around and stuff, but thats more my own not wanting to be watched when i string
  5. So, i know there's a huge debate on glowsticking in high school, and i've ALWAYS supported the GSC approach of not doing it. I did it once when i first started out, and I always regret that night at an off-school, school supported dance. I also have always felt strongly about glowsticking in public as well, such as at crowded parks/walking down the road to school, etc; basically areas where the same people at high school dances could be. however, now that im almost done with the first half of my second year at college, i'm wondering if my thoughts are totally correct in the respect of the
  6. pretty good. finishing up some homework but i can't really complain a whole heck of a lot ^_^ you?

  7. Arius

    hey man. got any new vids recently? haven't seen much of ya since that LAIC compilation video and would love to see how it's all going!

  8. bunny.... i know someone who had a bunny. it's name was bunny. thought i'd share that, cause your profile pic reminded me of it.... have a great day! :)

  9. so what's the most cost effective ones to buy? i'm just starting out so i don't need anything special or extreme, just for it to work. and i have no money (or little ) so, what's the most cost effective ones to get?
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