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  1. Did you sign up for gmail yet? :)

  2. why arent you on aim?

  3. Complaining? Yeah, not my thing. Things seem to be looking up for me, i just showed my rents a card / 4 A's on it.

    I just reexplained my post on your topic.

  4. pretty good. finishing up some homework but i can't really complain a whole heck of a lot ^_^ you?

  5. Ari, Man. Suo dude? how you doing?

  6. Arius

    hey man. got any new vids recently? haven't seen much of ya since that LAIC compilation video and would love to see how it's all going!

  7. That's an interesting bunny story :3

    I had 3...

    then I was down to 1 and that one ran away about a week ago :[

    I'm having a bunny famine.

  8. bunny.... i know someone who had a bunny. it's name was bunny. thought i'd share that, cause your profile pic reminded me of it.... have a great day! :)

  9. airsoft nice me 2!

  10. i want kandi lol :P


  12. D86

    Welcome to the site yo. =)

  13. so what's the most cost effective ones to buy? i'm just starting out so i don't need anything special or extreme, just for it to work. and i have no money (or little ) so, what's the most cost effective ones to get?
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