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  1. Nothing much, just kicking it, you?

  2. yeah. weekend time ^___^

  3. dunno bmfk or something like that. it was a rave for sure.

  4. lol well Saturday there is an event but i don't know too much about it. If you wanna come down Saturday i can call some of the guys so we can hang out.

  5. yeah lol i actually did fall asleep for a few stops then headed to work finally got home to sleep at midnight lol

  6. you should make some more tech-poi tutorials =]

  7. im good, just dealing with school and stuff. i picked up handles a while back, how is your stringing coming along?

  8. hey man, whats new? how did the collab come out?

  9. cool, i missed the candyball over the summer and regret it. so guess i still got till saturday night to think about that

  10. nah idk wether to go to candyball or above and beyond lol

  11. ahh damn

    i had a feeling something like that was gonna happen >___<

  12. cool, so have you decided whether you're gonna be a freehander or stringer?

  13. thats cool. you going to above and beyond?

  14. yeah, i remember you. saw you in teh video also. when did you start stringing?

  15. werent you at the last glowshop?

  16. hi, glad you enjoyed the glowshop.

  17. lol glad i checked here first lol. and lol raver extenze

  18. thats cool, i used to do regular stringing but recently picked up handles and love it. the key is to practice

  19. i've been stringing since halloween of last year. =] how about you?

  20. yeah, freaking love flcl lol

  21. the handles, i love them @__@ i dont think i can bring myself to pick up regular strings anymore lol

  22. you think you could make a tutorial on how to tie strings for handles? I met LastSingularity but forgot to ask him about his handles.

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