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  1. anybody going to see ferry at the nokia theater this coming friday?
  2. Nothing much, just kicking it, you?

  3. armin, april 2nd. awesome =]
  4. yeah. weekend time ^___^

  5. Yah almost the weekend!

  6. dunno bmfk or something like that. it was a rave for sure.

  7. whats the party we went to in brooklyn

  8. lol well Saturday there is an event but i don't know too much about it. If you wanna come down Saturday i can call some of the guys so we can hang out.

  9. Mid Night =O haha I passed out by 10 well at least you don't have to go to work today at 9am D= I think I might go take a lil nap in my car ^.~ thank god they are going to let us out early! I hope... Oh is there anything Fun/interesting happing this weekend?

  10. yeah lol i actually did fall asleep for a few stops then headed to work finally got home to sleep at midnight lol

  11. Hi =D Glad you made it home ok haha I would have put money on the fact that you two fell asleep on the subway =P

  12. you sir are awesome, gotta see that movie.
  13. WaW is better. MW2 is fun though. Nazi zombies ftw Also, i do wanna see the cup of tears. sick samurai action =]
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