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  1. Oye CHEWEY! como estas hermano! when am i gonna listen to you mix again! :D Likeabawws! hope to see you there bro.

  2. Awesome! I'm trying to get more people to join the PR community. and hell yeah if you ever come here, hit me up and we'll plan a beachside meet up. <3

  3. well my homeboy luois who justed joined still lives in carolina im tryin to get him to post on the forums but he knows about the culture and stuff if i ever got to pr imma plan a pr meetup i want more people from the island to join gsc beachside meetups ftw

  4. Yeah, born and raised in PR. :D and still here... LOL I know there are some puertoricans here in GsC but for now, me and my boyfriend are the only members who still live in PR.

  5. yo one question do u live in pr??? i used to live in the ialdn i moved to nyc 3 years ago i got some people from puertorico to join gsc

  6. AAggghh! It would seem that you already have.

  7. Heyyy! FB Me! Deana Holness

  8. yooo watsup bro hows things goin in the west coast

  9. yo dog its redman from vegas whats up!!!

  10. hey jw what kinda of LEDs did you use to make ur avatar???

  11. wont be at infected yall but ill see yall at glowshop
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