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  1. hehe yesh i guess so. right now im watching grim adventures of BillyandMandy, hahaha lol fred fred burger said "i have to go popo" lol he's soo random.

  2. Another one! Alright, furs unite :D

  3. Hey there :) Furs gotta stick together huh?

  4. Welcome Cayden!! Nice to have you, It's awesome to have new recruits that are fresh to Glowsticking. Check out the tutorials and let us know if we can help!!
  5. ha ya boiiiiiiii lol

  6. Hey guys welcome!!! I'm Sandi, or WolfRaver It's so awesome to see all the new members Make sure you go check out the forums from your region so you can see when the next meetup or party is. So we call meet and get to know new moves and fun and such. Jump right into the forums and post your videos so we can learn from each other. Feel free to add me to your facebook as a fellow glowsticking friend, just make sure you tell me who you are so I don't ignore your request! See you guys around!!
  7. Wants to make some kandi

  8. Hey man! Was looking for San Antonio members. Hope you get back soon!

  9. Hey there SA glow enthusiast!

  10. Finally got my computer fixed....actually they just turned it into an external hard drive. I'M BACK KIDS!!! AWOOOOO

  11. Furry Ravers Unite :)

  12. Is this Phlynx...as in..former Kakashi?...

    This is Maki, I used to be a friend of Seth's. Just wondering. Send me a PM ok :)

  13. Loved the Dying Breed article...

    Made me sad a little, but it's true.

    I could never stop being a free hander at heart.

  14. Thought I'd come check you out. Found you on the Newbie Central Forum...

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