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  1. 1! i think thats about as far as i will get in this
  2. Name: mitchell Age: 17 Gender: M Location: TU Interests: lots of really cool guy stuff. you know, like paintballing and shrinkydinks and halo 3. cool guy stuff Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Walden by Thoreau/Seventeen/Supernanny Musical Interest: All of the above (except for pop music. blgh) Goal in the next 5 years: get some crazy tattoo where i don't remember anything about it like how or why it is there. Goal in the next 20 years: go to jail. join a motorcycle gang. hack the gibson. get married What turns you on about the opposite sex: eyes, sm
  3. Wow thanks for the reply. that made my day lol

  4. Houston we have lost audio. oh noes. at least i have cake lol. btw i want a cookie. scratch that. as soon as it was typed sound came back. still want cookie.
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