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  1. For anyone who still logs on here, there is a glowsticking meetup in Concord tonight! Message me for details! Hope to see y'all there! Peace, -Clutch
  2. Sweet! Definitely need to session together at LoveFest 09 then. Hope to see you there!

  3. Hey thanks for the comment I've been freehanding for a little over 1 year and a half im gonna be heading up to norcal for san fran Love evo you should definitely hit that up if you can.

  4. Hey bro, how are you doing?

  5. Hey Cody, how'd the meet up at Treasure Island go? Any chance to meet up and kick it?

  6. Sick profile picture. I want to get the Obi-wan lightsaber, let's ahve a duel, lol!

    Are you going to Lovefest this year? I wanted to go session with you, after seeing last years performance, your stringing amazes me!

  7. Sup jeff, how you doing?

  8. lol, well if you ever make it to the other side, hit me up so we can meet up and session!

  9. Great freehanding vid you posted up. Makes me wish I went to EDC to join in all the fun.

    If you are ever in SF or the bay area please hit me up. I'm always looking for sick freehanders to gain some inspiration.

    btw, how long have you been freehanding for?

  10. tht'd b straight, but im on the other side of the country xD

  11. Totally feeling your personal statement. on your profile

    If you're ever in the bay area or sf hit me up and lets have a meet up or something. Take care and peace!

  12. Good to see you again at the After Party! Hopefully you'll be able to come down to SoCal again for some of the events coming up.

  13. i see you were at the spot where we crack ultras at love fest

  14. Thanks a lot. I appreciate all the warm fuzzies and welcoming. I'm definitely glad to be here. Take care!


  15. welcome to gs.c! Yay for winning art of glowsticking. Nice see you on the boards!

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