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  1. Hey thanks for the comment I've been freehanding for a little over 1 year and a half im gonna be heading up to norcal for san fran Love evo you should definitely hit that up if you can.

  2. It was cool kicking it with you and cody at edc you guys are way chill to be around. Hope to hang out with you guys again at love evolution.

  3. Well I live about 30 away from magic mountain up in the hills of Lake Elizabeth. I live kinda far from most so cal gsc peeps but i'm still down to meetup we should set a date and place you got any suggestions?

  4. Thanks man yea I would def be down to session with you. When are you coming down here? We should plan a date I have yet to met any nor cal freehanders besides nmestar99.

  5. Dude the Lakers played like a bunch of pussies today im not even gonna lie. No one showed up that game. They need to pick that shit up or they are gonna get owned by the rockets.

  6. Yes sir the MMM is the next meetup im attending.

  7. I dunno if i'll be able to make it to project love groove cuz I will be in school in feb and im pretty broke right now. But we will see maybe if I could come up on some money.

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