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  1. Jay

    I forgot that I got a light show from you at lovefest.. lol

    It was pretty good :)

  2. RRDJ

    so ur macbook wheel link takes me to a porn site?

  3. Thanks for posting those pics of parties in Europe. Parties here have a long way to go...Maybe a meetup in Europe might have to be a goal one of these days...

  4. Sweet! Definitely need to session together at LoveFest 09 then. Hope to see you there!

  5. Hey thanks for the comment I've been freehanding for a little over 1 year and a half im gonna be heading up to norcal for san fran Love evo you should definitely hit that up if you can.

  6. Great freehanding vid you posted up. Makes me wish I went to EDC to join in all the fun.

    If you are ever in SF or the bay area please hit me up. I'm always looking for sick freehanders to gain some inspiration.

    btw, how long have you been freehanding for?

  7. I second what Rage is saying, you should post more cuz when you do, its like the master is speaking words of wisdom and guidance!!! lol, you too sick wit it :P Cant wait to make it back to cali

  8. Rage

    i think you need a profile picture.

  9. Rage

    you should have more posts so more people can see the pure awesomeness of your sticking in words

  10. Damn man you can like do everything, you're broken.

  11. :3 It was cool hanging around (and meeting) with you too. Love-Evo is so far away and Cody and I are already like OMGWTFBBQSAUCE.

    Better be there :P

  12. It was cool kicking it with you and cody at edc you guys are way chill to be around. Hope to hang out with you guys again at love evolution.

  13. It was dope meeting some of you eastcoasters at edc this year. You guys are mad tight to kick it with hope to see you all again sometime.
  14. I think i'm about 30 mins away from downtown LA so if you want we can meet somewhere there. Thing is i'm not to familiar with SOCAL at all i'm just going to visit my brothers family. Do you have aim?

  15. Well I live about 30 away from magic mountain up in the hills of Lake Elizabeth. I live kinda far from most so cal gsc peeps but i'm still down to meetup we should set a date and place you got any suggestions?

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