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  1. Member name: Epsilon Kias Name: Daniel. S Location: Tavernier, Florida Region: Other(Florida Keys) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000397485242 Email: Dan_burn@hotmail.com Phone: 812-327-1419 Style: All sorts, An emphasis is put on Stringing ,however. GSC Status: Oldbie. Joined in April 2004. Active all this time as a member of the Midwest area. Currently lives in the Upper Keys, but is heading to Texas to take part in Air Force Basic Military Training, and then to Pensacola for Tech School. EDIT: Updated Info.
  2. i just wanted you to know i agree with teh stop supporting sites part of your sig 100%

  3. PLUR is an indirect cause of battling due to the fact that people throw around the acronym like it's a fucking fashion statement. Ironicly enough, the acronym reportedly came from an incident. As quoted by Wikipedia "According to one legend, the term PLUR was coined by the DJ Frankie Bones in response to a fight that broke out while he was mixing and he stopped the show to say, "If you don't start showing some peace, love, and unity, I'll break your fucking faces." However it wasn't until later on, in discussions of the speech on the usenetalt.rave, that "Respect" was added to the Peace,
  4. dude i love that errie look in your pic... that reddish window is so great O_o..

  5. Currently appreciating my apartment, even if it is small, the AC is fucking awesome.
  6. Aww... *cleans the drool on the ground.* You's no fun t.t
  7. *Enters with an Ignited lightsaber and a postive look on his face* FIGHT? WHERE? *Drools*
  8. *Lurks some.* *Pops out to say hello* *Lurks some more*
  9. I'm doing fine. Hanging around, Waiting for the end of the world. The usual =D
  10. It came really close I think. I dunno how close. But it came close.
  11. I went o.O at the title... If you where here during the summer of O5 then you'd understand Regardless... Where do I fit in. Am I the creepy neighbor dude that spies on the wife? Cause... That would be awesome =D
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