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  1. i shall leave you your first comment!!!! HA HA!!!! Hello! God im a fool

  2. Hooray for new friends!!!!!! Hai loves!

  3. i has somethings for yous!

  4. Hello gorgeous!!!! So glad you're on here!!!!!

  5. Chillin like a villain..... how you doin?

  6. haaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ello!!!! Droppin by to say howdy..... <3

  8. hey get on aim for a sec

  9. Sadly yes!!! I am too damned poor to pay my bill.... lol..... i miss you too deary! I would LOVE a cuff!!!! I need to send you some tutorials on how to do some fun stuff..... Text me @ 9036244882

    Its my mom's extra phone which i have right now.... LOVES TO YOU!!!!

  10. Lol I don't have internet atm cuz we is po! lol

  11. Did you get it yet?!?!?! Omg i wanna know!!!!!

  12. oh me loves the kandi!!!! what are you thinking about in that picture anyway.... are you praying to turn 21???? Lol.....

  13. Okay so theres a pause in the beautifulness that is your 3d arm warmer.... I haz no money for more beads..... I should be able to get more this week.....

  14. i have the beadies!!!! starting tomorrow!!!!!

  15. oh i miss you too!!!! we have no internet atm so it is sucky!!!! and me phone is off too.... boo for being poor!

  16. DANIKA!!!!! ME MISSES YOU MUCH!!!!! Hope to talk to you soon

  17. Thank you!!! I like doing it!

  18. absolutely.... do you want a short sleeve or tank top type shirt?

  19. hello beautiful!!!!! miss you.... I hope you're okay, my phone is out of minutes so i cannot use it lol but i hope to talk to you on aim later!!!!

  20. Ginseng!!! What up my friend... Let me know when you plan on doing said lessons... you bet your ass me and novel will be a part of it!

  21. Thank you so much for sharing in the EDC experience!!! You are such a sweetie!!!

  22. You're an f-ing sexy bitch! I love you my darling!

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