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    Ph0ton is one of my very best friends!

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    My beautiful husband whom i ADORE! My kids and their amazing laughter. I like to dance, and sing, I sing a lot. (Sorry sweetie) I love to watch movies with my hubby and blow some smoke rings in the process. I am definitely a people person. I like to talk, A LOT!!! I LOVE to read. Anything I can get my hands on really. My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo!!! I can't wait to form my style a little more in the glowsticking community!
  1. i shall leave you your first comment!!!! HA HA!!!! Hello! God im a fool

  2. wooo logged on! lol

    to my sis: suck it! lol

  3. lets see Hookt Rave On Happiness Clear Quiet Storm High Feel The Music Off My Pickle Fabulous Meltdown Live High Smurfy Out of Control Choose Life Youre Not Your Car Cloud Nine Juiced Free Falling Gonzo-licious DDDDANGEROUS to name a few
  4. Hooray for new friends!!!!!! Hai loves!

  5. Yeey we're friends now 8D

  6. 0 w 0. SHould I be worried?

  7. i has somethings for yous!

  8. Hello gorgeous!!!! So glad you're on here!!!!!

  9. Stuck in class, with tons of HW I never got to yesterday or all weekend for that matter.

  10. Chillin like a villain..... how you doin?

  11. Ello, Jello, are you a Mello little fellow??

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